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Customize your customers’ B2B or B2C purchasing experience and boost sales by automating your eMerchandising processes

Personalized E-commerce and M-commerce recommendation

& M-commerce

Automate your merchandising tasks by using our personalized recommendation engine and our product ranker module. The user gains in productivity, naturally increases his main KPIs (sales, conversion rate, etc.) and improves customer loyalty. 

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Personalized email

Personalized Email
& Newsletter

The effectiveness of personalized marketing emails is well established. The integration of personalized recommendations into an emailing strategy makes it possible to more precisely target the needs of each customer, this increases sales, in-store traffic and the repurchase rate.

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Print Variable

Direct marketing
& Catalog

Paper media is a vector of conversion. Integrate print into your marketing mix to better address your customers. We support you in the utra-variability of your direct marketing campaigns as well as in the creation of a one to one catalog with our partners.

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E-commerce, M-commerce & Marketplace

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The use of our engine personalized recommendations and our product sorting module automates merchandising tasks :

  • Increase productivity
  • Naturally increase your KPIs
  • Improve customer loyalty
Personalized recommendation engine for e-commerce
Personalized recommendation engine for email

E-mail & Newsletter

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An emailing strategy including personalized recommendations lets you target your client’s individual, specific needs.

  • Increase sales
  • Increase in-store traffice and e-commerce traffic
  • Increase repurchase rates

Direct Marketing & Catalog

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We support you in ultra-variability of your direct marketing campaigns as well as in the creation of catalogs one to one :

  • Capture their attention
  • Sell more than with a traditional strategy
  • Increase in-store traffice and e-commerce traffic
Personalized recommendation engine for direct marketing

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