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  • An added sense of comfort and an indespensible tool for our business today. I find it surprising that there are still e-commerce sites out there who rely on manual merchandising. Nuukik makes it possible for us to save time by customizing product offers to our customers. In addition, the Nuukik team has done a great job at making themselves available to us in order to deeply understand to our needs.

    Thomas Mulliez E-commerce manager at Alice Delice
  • Since having implemented the Nuukik solution, 18% of our site's turnover has come as a result of personalized recommendations. From the beginning, the solution has been very profitable for us.

    Justine Hutin E-commerce manager at Mizuno
  • Implementation was quick and simple, thanks to Nuukik's highly reactive and dedicated team.

    Marc Joly Webmarketing manager at Electro Depot
  • Nuukik's recommendation engine combines performance, flexibility, and simplicity. Once we had the solution in place, we were able to signficantly improve customer experience at Techni-Contact. We managed to achieve a 5% conversion rate, one of the highest among all our acquisition channels.

    Tristan Henry-Greard E-commerce manager at Techni-contact
  • Nuukik has supported Bébégavroche by being attentive to our requests, which are quite industry-specific. Their team has worked closely with us to make sure all of our technical issues are resolved and that our customers are receiving personalized offers that are truly relevant to them.

    Christelle Troussier Webmarketing manager at Bébé Gavroche
  • Following an efficient and customized implementation of the solution, we were immediately able to observe the amount of time we were saving thanks to the automated processing of similar and complementary products perfectly in line with our expectations. This long-term upgrade enabled us, as we had hoped it would, to lower our bounce rate of visitors to our online toy shop, thus achieving a more efficient e-commerce site.

    Samuel Kapitaniuk CEO at
  • Integrating the Nuukik solution on our site was a smooth and quick process for us. Their team of consultants were able to successfully adapt the platform to the particularities of our E-commerce shop. I would recommend Nuukik to anyone.

    Olivier Lajeunesse Technical Director at Envie de Fraise
  • Nuukik is the best kind of startup: a great team, that is attentive, doesn't hesitate to adapt their tools when necessary, and who have managed to create a simple and effective solution to facilitate the management of cross-merchandising in a cost-effective manner.

    Romain Boyer ‎Product Owner eCommerce at Doctipharma
  • We much appreciated the responsiveness of the technical team, as well as their flexibility to adapt the platform to our specific requests. The recommendation engine respected the progression of our product range and naturally adapted to the particular issues of our brand. We've observed an increase in the average order size, as well as considerable time saved for our marketing team.

    Grégoire Lengaigne CEO at DTLM :

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